Salt River BID deals with wide variety

Salt River BID deals with wide variety 

Nazeem Davids 1Anything from sweeping streets and confiscating trolleys, to de-weeding sidewalks, repairing uneven surfaces, assisting the public, clearing up illegal dumping, dealing with bin-scratching and cleaning drains for winter are some of the tasks that are all in a day’s work for the Salt River Business Improvement District (SRBID) team. 

Special mention can be made of Nazeem Davids, who is an exceptionally dedicated member of the team (see photo). 

Here are some of the team’s most recent projects: 

Public Safety 

Engagement with public: 

  • While on patrol, the public safety officers came across a lady who complained that she was feeling ill.  The public safety officers contacted the control room and asked for help from the response vehicle. The control contacted the ambulance services and Woodstock SAPS. The latter arrived on the scene and assisted the lady. 


lady feeling ill in public 2 lady feeling ill in public 3 lady feeling ill in public 1

In an unrelated incident at a different time, Public Safety Officer Louw informed his control room about a lady who had collapsed at the Biscuit Mill entrance. Although it was inside the Biscuit Mill premises, the officer still felt obliged to lend a hand and requested help from his control room.  The public safety officer stayed by the lady’s side until medical help arrived. The lady’s family was grateful for the assistance.  

assisting collapsed lady at BiscuitMill 3 assisting collapsed lady at BiscuitMill 2 assisting collapsed lady at BiscuitMill 1

Illegal dumping: 

Illegal dumping is a challenge that we overcome on a daily basis in the area, says BID Manager Andre Geslin. One of the most recent sites that was cleaned up by the maintenance and cleaning team, was on James Street. Another incident of illegal dumping occurred on the corner of Briar Street and Durham Avenue. 


James Street 1 James Street 2 James Street 3

Public assistance:  

  • Whilst going about his normal duties, an SRBID maintenance and cleaning team member redirected a person who had lost his way in Salt River Road. In another incident, a visually impaired person was kindly helped across a busy street by a member of the SRBID team. 


helping visually impaired person 4 helping visually impaired person 3 helping visually impaired person 2

Cleaning  and De- Weeding:  

After a project of de-weeding in Stowe Street was done by the maintenance and cleaning team, the area looked fresh and well maintained again.  


before 1 before 2
during 1 during 2
after 1

Winter preparation program:  

Our winter preparation program includes cleaning storm water drains to ensure free flowing of water. Here the SRBID maintenance and cleaning team cleaned up a blocked storm water drain in Albert Road. 


drain cleaning 1 drain cleaning 2 drain cleaning 3

 Street sweeping and urban maintenance: 

  • One of the most recent street sweeping projects was on the corner of Percy and Albert Road 
  •  A stormwater drain was repaired on the corner of Briar and Shannon Street  
  •  An uneven pavement surface was repaired by an SRBID maintenance and cleaning team member (see photos) 


urban management 1 urban management 4
urban management 3 urban management 5
urban management 6