Fourth member joins SRBID’s cleaning team

Although the SRBID cleaning and urban maintenance plan makes provision for only three urban management workers, Geocentric decided to employ a fourth worker at the company’s own cost to ensure that there is enough hands to cover the vast area and getting it into a better condition. This extra deployment coincided with the refinement of the urban cleaning plan for the SRBID which for now consists of four cleaning sectors, each with its own dedicated worker.

Gene Lorentz, CEO of Geocentric Urban Management, said with the 4th member of the urban maintenance team is another step in the right direction towards the overall improvement of the Salt River area.

The cleaning team takes on a huge array of tasks every day which includes clearing of illegal dumping and removal of illegal posters, general area cleaning and litter picking, dumping of collected waste at the designated drop-off facility and cleaning of public open spaces and parks (see photos below).