Speak to us

If you have anything you want to share with us in this newsletter, please write to us at:


You are our eyes and ears in this area and please feel free to contact us with your suggestions and ideas to improve our area.

SRBID contact information

BID manager: Shaun Phillips 084 722 5567 or shaun@geocentric.co.za]
Zonewatch control room: 086 15 15 800.

General enquiries: info@srbid.co.za
Website: www.srbid.co.za

Where to find us

SRBID offices: 97 Durham Road, Salt River.

We aim to have all businesses operating within the SRBID listed on the website directory. If you require any changes to be made to your listing or your business to be added please emailinfo@srbid.co.za with your name, the name of your company, your company’s address, company contact number and a brief description of what you manufacture, produce, provide as a service, etc. We will list your business free of charge as part of our campaign to promote the Salt River Business District.