SALT RIVER BID Makes a start on 1 September 2014

After months of hard work to gain support and submit an application to the City of Cape Town for establishment, the Salt River Business Improvement District (SRBID) took its first few steps on Monday 1 September 2014. The City of Cape Town approved the SRBID application on the 29th of May 2014. Given this approval the SRBID had to comply with a number of administrative requirements in order to become operational.

The SRBID Vision
The vision of the SRBID is to establish and maintain a safe, clean, well-managed CBD area that attracts and retains business investment and attractive retail opportunities.

The SRBID Mission
It is the mission of the SRBID to create an inviting and safe business district attractive and safe for visitors and shoppers alike.

The full operational deployment of the SRBID includes a dedicated full time BID manager, a public safety deployment of foot patrollers and patrol vehicles and an urban maintenance group that will perform additional cleaning and urban maintenance tasks in the SRBID area.

The Salt River Improvement District Board appointed Geocentric to manage the SRBID. The Geocentric Manager appointed to manage the area is Melvin Myburgh.

The Salt River Improvement District Board appointed Zonewatch to provide the public safety services for the SRBID.

The Public Safety Team did not waste time to get on patrol and immediately deployed in the area. Pre-deployment meetings were held with the Woodstock SAPS management to determine problem areas and the patrol plans were developed with their input.

Social Responsibility

Part of the SRBID plan is to assist the public at large and those that are homeless and vulnerable. Therefor the SRBID management engaged with some of the local NGO’s even before the start to find ways of working with them in the SRBID.

Geocentric, responsible for the management of the SRBID then offered permanent employment for previously homeless people living at one of the Shelters in Salt River to form part of the urban maintenance and cleaning team. Loaves and Fishes, located in Salt River provided potential candidates and they were offered employment positions on the cleaning and maintenance team. In addition to these opportunities the SRBID will earmark some of the budget to assist homeless people and those in need on the streets of Salt River within the SRBID Boundary.

For public safety emergencies please contact the Zonewatch Control Room on 086 15 15 800.
Contact the Public Safety Manager – Ashwin Jack on 062 252 7658.

Contact the SRBID Manager – Melvin Myburgh on 074 426 6816 or email him at
Additional information available on

Be on the lookout for our patrol and maintenance staff in their high-visibility uniforms and brightly branded patrol vehicles.

We look forward to a successful partnership to create a Safer, Cleaner and Attractive Salt River!